Dyed my hair

Dying my hair for the first time

Heyo fellas.

I will be starting 9th grade public school on August 16! I’m very nervous! I do intend to keep this blog to share my many adventures with all you amazing people. I will miss the wonderful education I was getting from rpc but the curriculum hasn’t been working to well for me. Or I haven’t been working well for it! 😂 Public school will not give me as great an education that Ron Paul curriculum would have but if I ever have extra time (or during summer breaks) I can practice rpc lessons. Public school may also help me get my work done. The fact I will be in a classroom with a teacher with a constant eye on us students, will help me stay focused. My family is praying lots for me to be safe and to make smart choices in school. Okay, I’ll post later! Bye bye!


Big change!

So. I’ve thought about doing somthing for a while. I grew my hair for almost 2 years straight. Then summer got so hot! So I said to my mom “I want a hair cut.” We looked at hair cuts for hours. Found one I liked and got my hair cut 2 weeks later. Today I realized it was a great idea with no regrets. Got up at 10 am this morning and went to my hair cut appointment at 11! Here was my hair before.

Here is a pic of how much hair that was!

Ready for what I look like now?