English 4, lesson 115: The thing I like most about my family.

What I like most about my family is how they love me and care for me. I like how my brother Max, is amazingly funny! How my brother Jacob, is super strong. How my Daddy is extremely protective. I like how my Mom is truly caring for us everyday.

I love to go on walks and go on fun trips. I just like to get out of the house with them! I am very happy they are my family! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!



Science 4, Lesson 105: What to do if you get bit by a Snake!!

What should I do if I or a friend gets bit by a snake you may ask yourself. Well I am here to tell what to do. If a friend gets bit by a snake go to the hospital and do not wait for any signs of swelling or color changing! Have you or the person keep the bite below the heart. This will make it harder for the venom to get to the heart. Try to tell the doctor what the snake looked like. This will help the doctor find out what treatment the person needs. Do the same thing if you get a bite! If I got bit by a snake I would maby flip out then calm down and go to the hospital. If any family members get bit I would make sure they are at the hospital in a split second!

Hope you enjoyed and tell me if I forgot any thing.


Science 4, Lesson 101: Colorado’s venomous snakes!

Colorado has 3 venomous snakes. They are all Rattlesnakes! We have many more snakes here but they are non venomous.

  1. Prairie Rattlesnakes are sand colored with darker spots that look like rocks.
  2. The Western Rattlesnake has a darker color with a lot of little brown spots.
  3. The Massasauga Rattlesnake can be grey or brown with dark brown spots.


Prairie Rattlesnake
Western Rattlesnake
Massasauga Rattlesnake

Science 4, lesson 100: The pet lizard I would want.

The pet lizard I would want is a Bearded Dragon! They are very easy to keep and it is very easy to clean up after it. They will eat bugs, worms, and veggies. They will grow up to be 18 inches long and you will need a large home for them. You need sand and a heat lamp, food, and fresh water They are very friendly and are great companies! They usually never bite!



2018-11-16 14.42.20
I took this picture myself!

Science 4, Lesson 97: The differences of the Common snapping turtle and the Alligator snapping turtle

The common snapping turtle is an aggressive turtle unlike the alligator snapping turtle which is a calm turtle.  The common snapping turtle as a long neck and smooth shell. The alligator snapping turtle as a bumpy back with spikes and a thick neck. The alligator snapping turtle has a very long jaw with a very sharp long beak. The common snapping turtle has a short not so sharp beak. Both these turtles use a little worm looking thing that is inside its mouth to trick prey!

Hope you enjoyed!